How to Tie an Alternating Square Knot

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Tying an alternating square knot is mainly used for decorative macrame projects, and it is done using four strands of different colored strings. Practice the alternating square knot with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Andrew Reynolds and today I'm going to show you how to make an alternating square knot typically used for macrame projects and things like that. Basically you are going to take four strands of like a shoe lace material kind of like five feet in length would be good and just kind of tie a knot in the middle of all of them just to have them all secured in a place that they are all kind of coming out from. I have alternated kind of black and white so that it would be a little bit more decorative and then basically you are going to have to alternate to get the square knot that you need, you are going to have to alternate what you do so if you start with your right hand and put that over the left hand strand and pull that together so that it is about an inch and a half away from your original knot and since you did right over left you are going to have to do left over right in order to complete your square knot. Make sure that this is pretty even and that will make whatever is hanging in your net sit properly and you can see that we have a very tiny little square knot that they loop around each other no matter which way you turn them and that is your square knot. Now basically go around on each of these sets of two and go to the next set of two and tie that knot all the way around. So you have all first four sets of your knots done, each of the two ropes that were coming out you have them tied together. Now you are not going to tie the same two ropes together that you had tied with previously you are going to take one of those sides and then find the string of the next side and you are basically going to use those as your next set of square knots so once again about the same distance as you were from your original knot, right over left, left over right make sure you are always alternating them so you get a true square knot and then you pull those closed together. Now you can already start to see that a net is forming here you have got all these holes and now this one is going to create its own holes so now you do that all the way around again and you keep doing that until you have enough netting as what you have desired. Of course you can continue this out as many times as you want and even kind of overlap the object and I just kind of have a little soccer ball here to kind of basically show you what you can expect as we turn this over like I said this will remind you of some potted plant kind of set ups that you have seen in your childhood, just kind of all coming out from that original point and you know you just make sure you have enough string left over from all of it so you could,whoops if I hold it evenly. You can see that if we were to continue that out that would be more than sufficient to hold your potted plants or whatever you might want to do decorative wise so that is how to use alternating square knots to create a decorative net for hanging objects. Thanks for watching.


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