How to Tie a Hakama Knot

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A Hakama knot secures a traditional style of Japanese pants that wrap around the waist, and it begins by looping a simple shoe lace knot and lacing the ribbons through the loops. Learn to tie a Hakama knot for Japanese pants with instructions from a rock climbing instructor in this free video on knot tying.

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Video Transcript

Hello this is Andrew Reynolds and today I am going to show you how to make a Hakama Knot for your oriental pants that you would like to tie up in this fashion. Basically once you have the pants you will be able to pull them up in front and there will be kind of a little bit of a belt that is already woven into the fabric in the front and kind of just like loops around both sides but for the front portion you would loop it around your waist and bring it back out front but just for demonstration purposes we will just start from that point where you had already wrapped them out in the back and basically you bring it up to the front and tie a very simple shoe lace knot so you cross your right hand over your left cinch it tight a little bit and then you just loop it in each hand and then tie your basic kind of shoe lace knot and what you are going to do with the rope that is hanging out in front you are going to curve that a little bit under creating a little bit of a bulk. Now for the backhand portion of the pants to finish the Hakama Knot. At this point like I said they kind of loop around and come back here and you are going to kind of come around and pull that up in back to the desired height and then they are going to have two three inch strands that are going to come out, they are just over sized ribbons basically and what you are going to do is you are going to lace them right where you tucked it under. You are going to go under the part of your first knot there and pull these through and we are just using ropes for demonstration purposes and at this point this is the last point you can kind of tuck it up in back here and this is the point where you are really going to cinch that up what you just tucked up in back so you are going to tie a very basic square knot if you did right hand over left, cinch it up. Basically you are going to come back with left over right and pull it tight so at this point it is very secure because the rest of it is purely decorative. Taking what is in your left hand you are going to tie it into thirds so basically take it to about the half way point and fold it over and then you are going to pull this over the front piece here so that it is nice and centered. Of course this being thick ribbon it is going to make a very nice bow shape and then you are going to take what is on the bottom here and loop it up over the top and then back behind it and then basically what you are going to do is just fold this in half and then just start to kind of tuck it under the whole thing, back up through and then you are just going to pull it until it is about even with everything else so you are left with a very basic bow shape with that three inch ribbon it is just going to create a very nice decorative piece in the front. You are just going to leave it so that the big portion of the knot right here is in front and you just get kind of a nice little shape like that and that in its essence is how you would tie a Hakama Knot. Thanks for watching.


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