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Health insurance is a huge problem in the United States because health care costs have gone up 6 percent in the past year, and more than 45 million Americans are uninsured. Find out how important health care reform has become with baby boomers getting older with information from a financial adviser and insurance broker in this free video on health insurance.

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Health care is one of the most quickly growing industries in The United States. In fact, health care costs in general have been going up at a rate of about six percent a year which has been significantly outpacing inflation at about three to four percent. So, with health costs on the rise, with Americans being forced to provide their own benefits, or turn to the government should they be in a very low income situation, it's no surprise that we have many Americans who go uninsured. In fact, in 2007, there were over forty five million Americans who were uninsured. That's about, that was about 15.9 percent of the overall United States population. Some of those, about five million of the forty five were due to pre-existing conditions that prevented them from obtaining coverage; whereas the other other forty million were just things like inability to afford the coverage which is a significant problem, because if individuals cannot afford some sort of health coverage that burden then gets placed back on the government which in turn gets placed on the individual taxpayers, so not only are taxpayers paying for their own individual health policies but they're payin' a portion of the health policies for other individuals as well. So, that is a major growing concern, and it is one of the reasons why comprehensive health care plans for our entire country, for everyone, basically called social, social type health care plans, have been proposed, and introduced by many politicians in an effort to provide the socialized health care proponents of it. Might be someone like Hilary Clinton is a major proponent of health care. They want to become be like countries such as as Canada who have provided this health care to all their individuals. Now, one major downside to that might be that hospitals are already overcrowded, and now all of a sudden if people are able to go out and obtain free medical coverage how much more crowded do you think the hospitals would be? The answer is they'd probably be a lot more crowded, and it would take a lot longer for people to get the the medical care that they need. So, it is a major concern not only that the costs are are rising significantly, but that people are unable to obtain the coverage as well. There in my opinion, there will be a significant amount of reform in the health care industry in the coming ten years, especially with a new president, some new policies being considered. I think there's going to be some major changes to the overall health care industry, and there certainly does need to be some major changes to our our health care industry as well, especially with the rise of the baby boomers becoming seniors; potentially needing more and more care they're going to be sucking up a lot of of health benefits and costing the system a lot of money so it's going to be important to reconsider how our heath care system in The United States is structured. So, this has been John Pinelli, financial representative, talking to you today about facts about health care.


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