How to Write Rap Songs

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To write a rap song, start with a really good hook, going into the verse after the hook, and use a bridge to connect the two different sections. Always loop back to the hook when writing a rap song with instructions from a hip-hop artist in this free video on rap music.

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Video Transcript

This subject is how to write a rap song. Remember this, you want to base your whole song around the hook; the hook is the core. You want to stretch out from there; the verses you go around the hook. What I mean by that, okay, like I got a song called "My Life". It's like a, "This is my life", you know, "This is my life". You know, hmm hmm hmm. You know that's the hook to the song; you want to get into the verse; after the hook like, "This is my life and it's all I can give. There's no more no less. Hey, it is what it is. I've been tested jest, say a test no money and so what didn't kill me, it did made me stronger. There's been plenty of things, good and bad I have done. And a dunk with the moon and a light with the sun; man I hated to say, might have to battle some people. But then son, Mary said, I'm going to sin all again." You know, that's the hook and you're going, going into, that's the verse I mean; that's the verse, then you're going into; you go, you want to go into a bridge, if you don't want to come like usual way to the hook; you want to come with a bridge. "This is my life. Right in or wrong, you're welcome to stay. You're with me, you go; ask me to chewf and I tell you no lies, these are the things that I build up aside. This is my life. This is me is me. This is my life. So when it me just be." You know, that's the bridge and then bang, we get back into the hook. "This is my life". You know, back into the loop of the hook. That's how you write a rap song folks. Remember that.


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