How Should I Dress for an Interview?

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Dress for an interview by matching the outfit to the job industry, wearing business casual attire, picking neutral colors and avoiding flashy accessories. Try to dress one step above how you would dress on a regular day at the job with help from a professional resume writer and interview skills coach in this free video on job interviews.

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Video Transcript

Did you know you don't actually have to own an interview suit? Hi, I'm Shannon Terry, I'm a resume writer and interview skills coach with Resume Confidence here to help you decide what should I wear to an interview. My first recommendation is to match your outfit with the job and the industry that you are seeking a position with. What would you wear on an average day to that job? It may be appropriate for you to wear a suit if you're a professional level person. However, if you're applying for something a little more casual, business casual attire is certainly appropriate. This could mean for men anything from khakis to slacks, you might want to wear a sports coat, you don't necessarily need to, button down shirt, a tie may be good, maybe you don't need one. For ladies, similar thing, a button down shirt would be appropriate, slacks, dress pants, sweater sets are great, skirts or dresses with a modest cut will be appropriate. I don't ever recommend ever wearing jeans to an interview, even if jeans would be perfectly appropriate to wear on the job. I always want you do dress just a little bit up for an interview, so stick with business casual for any more casual positions. Think conservative but not boring, still be yourself, neutral colors are good with maybe just a splash of color. I want you to think what would Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not To Wear, think of this outfit before you walk out the door. Accessories, just make sure that they don't catch more attention than your answers in the interview. Here's a rule of thumb, when in doubt, dress up. It's always best to just go over just a little bit, that shows that you take yourself seriously and that you respect the employer. I'm Shannon Terry, an interview skills coach and resume writer with Resume Confidence here to help you decide what should I wear to an interview.


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