How to Repel Roaches

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In order to repel roaches, it's important to have a home sealed up tightly with caulk, expandable foam and weather stripping. Find out how to repel roaches with cigar clippings with help from a pest control technician in this free video on bugs and pest extermination.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm often asked how do I repel roaches? Well let me see if I can answer that question for you. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control. Well if you're talking about repelling roaches kind of think of your home like a castle right? Well you want to have it sealed up tight. That's the best way to repel them. Get in there with some caulk and some expandable foam, some weather stripping, you know make it really difficult for them to get in, that's the best way to repel them. Now you can use a couple of other things. I live here in Tampa and you know people use to go to the cigar factory and get the clippings and sprinkle those clippings all around. The nicotine in it would repel the roaches. That's a little bit difficult to do so it's best to get the house sealed up and then treat the outside alright? So we're talking about like the American roaches, the smoky brown's, the brown roach, the Asian roach, the kind of roaches that are coming in from the outside. Not German roaches which actually will come in like in bags and groceries and things like that. So where are they coming from? They're coming from the mulch and the thatch and wood piles, or any kind of debris, leaves, they live underneath that. So if you clean that area up that'll help. If you have mulch around your house for decorative reasons use time-release granules in that area and you're going to kill off not only the adults, but the eggs and you're going to stop them before they get in the house. Now you can use a pyrethrin in there, which is a synthetic made from chrysanthemums but it is biodegradable so you can still be earth friendly and get the problem taken care of. Hope this has been helpful. I'm Michael Piacenza. Good day.


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