Killing Ants With Soap Water

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Ants can be killed with soap water as a safe and organic alternative to other synthetic and toxic products. Take out an entire ant colony with soap water with help from a pest control technician in this free video on bugs and pest extermination.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I was asked the other day how do I kill ants with soap water? Soapy water against ants. Well let's explore that a little bit. I'm Michael Piacenza with Advantage Pest Control. Well I got to thinking about that question. It's like well there's a few ways this could work, you know, you've got a lot of ants that are sweet-eaters and they like to get into the foliage around the house and they want to eat the honeydew or the aphids that are feeding on the honeydew. So if you spray that with a soapy water, you might dissolve some of that away and you've gotten rid of the food source. Then I thought about it a little bit more and really what they're trying to say is they want to take care of ants in a safe way alright? So instead of filling up that bad-boy with a bunch of synthetics, how can we take care of the ants in a nice, safe, organic, natural way alright? Well, there's a lot of products you can use out there. First you got to find out what kind of ant. Is it a sweet-eater, or a protein-eater? And there are baits out there that are going to be sweet-based, or protein-based, and they'll probably have something like boric acid in it. Half the toxicity of table salt, that's a good way to go. So these are very effective. If you can get the ant feeding on a bait, you can probably wipe out the colony that way. Also, there's some really nice botanical sprays. EcoSmart has some wonderful stuff. They have been around for about 20 years, that's what I use in my business. And that effects some of the neurotransmitters-side, but is ultra-safe to any invertebrates. No, invertebrates is what we want to kill, something with a vertebra like me, it's safe for. Anyways, EcoSmart products are very, very safe and you can use their wettable powders, their dusts. Find out where the ants are traveling and treat those areas. So put out a bait, get them attracted to the bait, treat the area that they're crossing over, they're taking the bait through the pesticide and back in and killing the colony. You can do all that with bio-pesticides. Very, very safe and easy on the environment. So I hope this has answered your question. I'm Michael Piacenza. Good day.


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