How to Remove a Bee's Nest

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Removing a bee's nest from anywhere in or on a house requires professional expertise, as protective equipment, professional sprays and experience are necessary to safely remove the hive and all remains from the area. Call a professional to remove a bee hive and its inhabitants with information from a Florida state-certified pest control operator in this free video on insect repellents.

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Video Transcript

Hi friends I'm Mark Govan here with ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida and we get a lot of questions about how do you remove a bees nest? But we have ways where we can do the test. If we see ways where the bees are flying in and out of the concrete wall we can detect where that nest is and go in and remove that. I am not going to recommend that to the homeowner but for homeowners that actually see a bee's nest maybe up in a tree or underneath a home number one thing to remember for you, call a professional. You never know how many bees are living in that bee's nest until you get in there. The first thing you have to have a professional with a good protective equipment on and he'll come in there and he can locate the bee's nest, clear any of the debris around the bee's nest that is there and then what we'll do is we'll usually either come in at night or we'll come in during the day and we can smoke the area to settle down the bees then we will go ahead and spray the area, remove the nest and then come back the following day to make sure that nothing else has returned. Once we come back what we want to do is to remove any of the rest of the nest that we may find, any of the additional bees that might come back to the nest, we'll go ahead and get rid of those as well and then we'll make sure that if by the removal of the bee's nest that we are making sure that we get rid of all the honey. Remember that when a bee's nest is nested in the wall of the home or underneath the house a lot of honey is deposited there. If you don't get the bee's nest and all the honey out, what happens? You are going to have roach problems, ant problems, and other critters that are going to try to come in and feed on this so it is very important to make sure we get rid of all these problems at the same time and of course using safety having a good bee suit on is number one. I'm Mark Govan of ABC Pest Control in Largo, Florida hoping you have a pest free day.


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