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Airbrush templates can be made out of pellon felt, which is readily available at many fabric stores, and it is the perfect material for multiple uses. Create patterns to airbrush logos, designs or patterns with instructions from an experienced airbrush artist in this free video on painting techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hello I'm Mark Chandler with Mark's Custom Airbrush here in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to discuss how to make simple airbrush templates for your airbrush painting. What this material is is called pellon felt and it can be found at any fabric warehouse or any craft or hobby store. It is basically used for interfacing and for sewing and for making costuming but it works perfect for using it for airbrush templates and what you can do with this material is actually draw your design out and then cut it out with either an Exacto knife or a pair of scissors or even if you want to get a little bit more advanced you can use a stencil burner to actually burn the design. Now a stencil burner works similar to a wood burner but it has got a needle tip on it. Now what I have done with this material here is I have created a couple simple stencils. As you can see this skull design is basically just a simple drawing of a skull used from the interfacing here and what I have also done with the pellon felt is created this design here of a cloud formation that I use in some of my T-shirt designed. Now as you can see here this material is relatively easy to use, it can be used over and over because the nice thing about it is when you spray it and use it it actually absorbs the paint so it creates a nice hard edged line here for when you use it down the road. This stencil here is probably about three or four years old so I have used it for quite some time. Now with the pellon felt it is about ninety nine cents a sheet, this size here and you can use it like I said with most of your designs and so forth. Now when you get into some of the other more complex stenciling techniques and so forth you'll want to get into some of the other materials like mylar and acetate and those are used for more of your solvent based paints and so forth. I'm Mark Chandler with Mark's Custom Airbrush and live to airbrush and airbrush to live. Thank you.


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