How to Increase Metabolism After Master Cleanse

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Increasing metabolism after a master cleanse can be done by reintroducing easy-to-digest foods very slowly, such as high-quality soups, steamed vegetables and white fish. Work the body back up to eating solid foods after a master cleanse with helpful information from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Charlotte Skiles. I am a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist with Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting located in Austin, Texas. And the topic I'll be speaking to right now is how to increase your metabolism after the master cleanse. And this is actually a really good question because anytime somebody does a fast of that nature without eating, the metabolism slows down, I mean that's what we're wired for, evolutionary one of our greatest threats was not having enough food. So in the body's wisdom, if we don't eat and the body only knows we have access to food if we eat it, OK, that's huge. It slows down metabolism in order to conserve energy because it perceives a threat. Some people or some genealogical lines are more wired for this than others like the Native Americans are very wired for this because famine was such a threat to that community that their body will store foods if they're not eating on a regular basis to a very big degree. So after a fast like this, this is a really good question, how do you increase the metabolism. Well first and foremost you reintroduce foods very slowly. You give your body very predigested foods in the forms of well made soups, vegetable soups with a nice chicken or meat broth for good nutrition and steamed vegetables and the easy to digest protein sources like white fish. White fish is one of the most easily assimilated protein sources available. Eggs as well would be nice. So you reintroduce these foods slowly and mindfully. You exercise, that provides a warmth to the body and you just give it some time and just continue on with your life in a mindful way and your metabolism will respond accordingly but the things that increase metabolism is staying hydrated, eating regularly, exercising and green tea can also be very supportive for increasing the metabolism, it has what is called a thermogenic effect on the body just creating a slight warmth. And quite frankly eating protein increases metabolism because it takes a lot of resources for the body to digest. So those would be some of the things that I would think about for increasing your metabolism after a master cleanse.


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