How to Write a Marketing Research Proposal

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A marketing research proposal should include an analysis of the current market, outline of the target audience and assessment of the problem areas. Write out an official marketing research proposal with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark. And we're going to look at how to write a Marketing Research Proposal. Market Research is vital in all businesses. And it's very important that this is done before any form of activity takes place. So this document is very, very important. You need to start with an analysis of the market itself. And therefore the situation of a company, the products, the services. Or whatever is been researched. What is actually going on? So there needs to be some form of overview, summary of the current market itself. Then we need to look at the segments of the market. And how that is in terms of movement. Is it a posted situation at the moment? Is it stale, is it decreasing? What is the life cycle of this particular field that we're looking into at the moment. We need to look at the company, the history, it's traditions. It's styles of operations and the tactics it's used, an employee before hand. Then we have to say, now what is the objective of this particular company? What does it want to do? Does it want to grow? Does it want to expand? Does it want to diversify? What is it,, that it wants to do? Then we have to look at the actual audience. The products being sold, services being sold to currently. Let's look at the segment of this particular market place, the demographics. That means basically the age, the gender, the profession. The type of buyer that's buying this product at the moment. Could we expand that? Or do we need to actually reduce it? So let's look at the segment very, very closely in detail. And see what we're offering. And how that could be changed. Or basically, whether the buying behavior has changed itself. Then we want to look at the problem areas. Where is the company having difficulties at the moment? Maybe it will inform us before we start our research. We need to re-look into that. What's going wrong? How we, maybe our proposition is incorrect. Maybe it's aiming at the wrong people. Anyway, we need to define that problem area. So we need to define the problem areas. What actually is going wrong in terms of the product or it's service. Maybe it's not aimed specifically at the right target audience. Maybe distribution is not right. Maybe the packaging is not right. Maybe the actual quality of the product not right. We still need to do the research in that. The problem areas, you have see the ones that need to focused on. Then we need to basically make a summary of our conclusions, our findings. From this research. What is it that becomes apparent. That's clearly obviously not being picked up by the organization itself. That we can add our own value as market research people. And then obviously we need to put together a document. Which clearly identifies the missing links for the organization. And a proposal that will help them. Redirect their operation into a more successful business.


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