How to Patent & Market Your Original Idea

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An original idea can be patented and marketed with the help of a lawyer, who can draw up the proper paper work and submit it to the appropriate offices. Obtain an official patent and understand creative marketing strategies with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark. And we're going to look at how to Patent and Market your original idea. The original idea, in other words your own idea. Which is unique to you and no one else. Is something that you may want to copyright or trademark. To ensure that you and your idea alone are attributed to this idea. So the first issue is obviously to research to make sure. That this idea is not being used any where else. Because obviously, if you claim that it is. Then it's not a falsehood. And you can also bring a lot of unwanted attention. By the holders of that particular license. So you need to make sure that your idea is totally researched. And you clearly show that no one else is, or has a thing. Identifiable to your particular concept. Once that's been proven. Then obviously you need to check the business idea itself. That it works. If it's an idea that has been tested, looked at, researched. Then of course, the next step is to make sure that it is covered by some form of legal guarantee. That it's yours, it belongs to you. It's your own issue. So then you would need to get out some form of Patent or Trademark or Copyright for this particular product or service. The next step of course, is to visit your lawyer. Make sure the lawyer is a specialist in this field. Because that is really important. Certainly it's a very big, potentially big idea. You need to get a specialist in this area. In the Trademark, Patent field. And make sure that this idea is down in writing. Tangibly it's there, physically in writing. From every single aspect of it is covered. So there can be no question mark. As to the authenticity of the idea. Once this has been written down. Of course, then you need to file this. To the Patent office or the authority on a National/International basis. So that, maybe you have the global rights for it. Which would be even better. Now this you'll obviously, you have to apply for this. And I think it costs and it takes time. If this is to a stage where the people have accepted or questioned it. Then you'll be invited in to prove that this is your idea. And your idea alone. And then you'll need to be verified, stamped and signed by the authorities. This I think is a fairly lengthy business. But once you have it, then you're in a position. Where you can start to market it. And take it out there to the big wide world. Knowing comes to play, that this is your idea, your ownership. No one can take it away from you. Once this is done and graded. This is your own intellectual property. Then you need to think about marketing strategy. How you're going to take this product to the market? And the marketing strategy obviously depends on what it is, you do. Maybe it's so big that you need various distributors and agents to set it for you. So you need to think about how you're going to get this product to market. Can you sell on the Internet? Do you need to physically take it out to the market? So you need to consider all these issues. What's the situation out there? What are the real needs and requirements? Can you see this to business? Or do you need to send this to the end user? What is your market approach? How you're going to sell this overseas? Again, you need to do a lot of research and groundwork.


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