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Making an effective brochure requires conveying the feel and ideals of the business into the brochure, being concise and brief, and offering attractive imagery to get people to read the brochure. Attract customers using a brochure as a calling card with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Mark and we're going to look at how to make an effective brochure. A brochure is very important for your business. It's really a marketing tool, a business calling card. As it gives you the opportunity to communicate what it is you do to your potential customer base. Therefore, two things need to be considered, what it is you're communicated and who you're giving this brochure to. One, the look, the feel, replicates basically what your business is about. So if you're in to the quality end of the business or the high end of the business, then you need to think about the quality and look of this brochure. If you're in to volume sales and a service, them maybe the quality of the paper, for example, isn't important. So we need to think about whether this is a hard copy. For example, it's a tangible brochure that I can hand to you or whether your brochure is one line. And therefore, people can see it on their laptops or they can print it out. Either which way, the point here is that main essence of your business is clearly conveyed. For example, pictures, images say a lot more than words. If you're a hairdresser for example, then it'd be good that you have lots of imagines of the various styles and cuts of your clients. What type of salon is for example? Is it a nice fun, shiny place or is it a very elegant environment? What's the feel of the business? So again, pictures can convey this as the graphics, style of the brochure. This is your business card effectively so make sure it does replicate what it is your do. If you have a logo, make sure that's clearly indicated. May sure that logo expresses the business you're in. And, of course, you need names, telephone numbers, addresses, location guides, how to get there and the very benefits your business offers. So in other words, what benefits the customer will get from coming to your hairdressing salon. Will they get coffee, refreshments? Will they be looked after by the head stylist? Things like this. The things that are really going to attract people. So you have a very short period of time in which to capture peoples attention. So the brochure shouldn't be any more than a handful of pages with lots of clearly defined benefits and use of imagery.


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