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When coming up with a trade show theme, determine what will separate the company from the competition, regardless of the type of business. Find a theme that will attract the right customers to a trade show booth with helpful advice from a management professor in this free video on business.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mark. And we're going to look at how to choose a Trade Show theme. Trade shows and exhibitions are often very necessary for business. If there are limited ways in which they can communicate or market themselves to an industry at least. And if you're going to choose a trade show or an exhibition. Think about it very carefully. They're often very, very expensive. And as I said before, if there are one of the limited ways. In which you as an organization can communicate. Either directly with your buying public or with a trade. Then obviously, it's very, very important you're there. But you need to think about obviously what is an offer there? You're buying space. You're exhibiting your products or services. And therefore you need to basically think of a couple of issues. One where, within the exhibition you're going to be located. And what your theme's going to be. So for example, if you're selling property. Then you need to think about what property you're selling. Are you selling to developers or are you selling to the, the open market, to investors? And there will be a different type of message in that issue. So think about, what it is you're trying to communicate. Make sure that, that difference is clearly understood. And then think about how you're going to position yourself. So for example, if you're selling property. As I mentioned, in Kuwait. Then you want to think about how many other companies are also doing the same thing. And if there are a number of them. What it is about your particular development. That is different or unique. Is it the fact that it's built by Americans? Then you might have to give it an extra angle. You need to think about your point of differentiation. A clear differentiation. And how it will benefit the buyer. So with that in mind and your positioning in mind. You need to clearly think about how you can promote yourself. To your potential target audience within the exhibition itself. And that involves Marketing within the marketing brochure of the program. Because obviously, the organization running and organizing the event itself. Will be marketing to the general market place. Whether it be the business to business end. Or the business to the end user, the consumer. Then you need to think, within that brochure. How you can position yourself in terms of location. And th message you're promoting to the end user. How you're going to catch their attention. How you're going to draw them into your particular stand. Could it be a competition, prizes? Maybe there's the merchandising element of it. Maybe you're going to use pretty women to grab people's sight. Whatever it is. Make sure you're using some form of tool. To get a focus on your stand. And remember, you're going to be one of many hundreds of others. So people, their concentration spans are not that long. You need to do something very impactful. So once again, think about who you are? Where you are? What is it that you're going to promote? What your theme is? What the key issue is? And how you're going to attract people? From the brochure and actually once they're in the exhibition itself.


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