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Training activities for time management should include learning how to prioritize tasks, focusing on the needs of the business and learning how to delegate tasks. Make lists of important tasks to help improve time management skills with tips from a marketing and business management professor in this free video on time management.

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Hi, my name's Mark, and we're going to look at time management training activities. I think we're all aware of time, and a lack of management of it. We all have things that we need to do, and sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day in which to do them. So we, both at home and at work, are very aware that time is a factor we need to manage more effectively. So the real thing here, the real issue in terms of training activities is to focus on the requirements at hand. One really is the key one, is to put something in order, to prioritize. What is it we really need to do rather than what we want to do? And therefore, we need to measure the two aspects of this. When you're talking with an organization, you need to refocus on what they're requirements, their needs are as a business rather than what they would prefer to do. Time management is a discipline. For example, if you were a writer, it might be more fun to spend time surfing on the Net, researching, finding out information, reading, rather than the actual writing that is required. It's a very, very tough discipline to write. Sometimes it might be better, for example, to write, and then, once you've done the bulk of the writing, fill in the gaps with the research. It's just a focus...or reprioritization of time. And that is really what the time management essence is about, putting things into a specific order of things that need to be done, and then to the end the things that maybe could be done later. And the other issue about time management is the delegation of tasks. Obviously, you can't do everything yourself, and to be efficient you need to manage things with other people. Again, making a list of the things that need to be done, to things that don't have to be done immediately. And then, based on those requirements and the tasks involved, you can delegate those tasks to people who are very capable and can help you in terms of your achievement of that particular objective.


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