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High definition TV refers to a screen that is wider than what most people are used to with a standard definition TV, and it has a picture that is at least twice as clear because of the amount of lines used to make up the screen. Find out why the picture is sharper on high definition TVs with help from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on high definition television.

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O.k, what is High Definition TV? High Definition TV refers to a screen that is much wider than what you're used to with your Standard Definition TV, also a picture that is at least twice as clear as your Standard Definition TV, because there's more lines that make up the screen with a High Definition picture than there is with a Standard Definition picture. If there's more lines that you have to put on the same size screen, the lines are much smaller, reduce, or increasing the amount of resolution, so the picture quality is that much sharper. High Definition TV also requires a specialized receiving device, either a cable box or a satellite receiver, or a digital tuner which is built into a lot of these television sets, so if your local cable company is sending a signal in High Definition fashion, the TV can reproduce that as well, without a cable box, or without a satellite receiver. Also over the air you can receive a signal High Definition into your television set which the TV set can also reproduce in High Definition fashion, giving you a much better picture quality.


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