What Does the Abbreviation DVD Stand For?

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The abbreviation "DVD" stands for digital video disc, and a digital video disc is referred to as such because the information on the disc is digital. Learn about digital versatile discs, in addition to digital video discs, with help from the owner of an electronics store in this free video on DVDs.

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Okay, what does the abbreviation DVD stand for? DVD stands for digital video disc, or digital versatile disc. The reason they call it digital video disc is because it has digital video information on it and that video information, being digital, we don't know what on's and off's are or one's and zeros, so the video inf, the digital video information must be converted inside the DVD player. So all that digital information is taken off of this disc, converted into analog information which our eyes and ears can understand and then rebroadcast on your TV so we can watch the movie or whatever the program is. Digital versatile disc refers to the fact that it can be used in an interactive fashion and when they were first developed, it was, they were also thinking that further down the road, they'd have different options and capabilities other than just watching movies. But the main purpose for today is watching movies, so DVD should kind of be re, referred to as digital video disc.


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