Where Do the Physical Traits We Inherit Come From?

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Physical traits that are inherited by individuals come from their parents, but these individuals have their own genome, which is made up of DNA, the genetic blueprint. Discover how DNA provides the instructions for how everything should be put together with help from a science teacher and field biologist in this free video on biology.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brian with ericksontutoring.blogspot.com. Today we're going to discuss where are physical traits actually come from. The simple answer is your parents. The more complicated answer is the following: you have your own genome, genome is made up of DNA which is a string of nucleotides all put together. Your DNA is actually often referred to as your blueprint. It includes all of the instructions for how to create you. You get half of your genome from your mother and half of your genome from your father. So when egg and sperm meet and the egg is fertilized, your father is giving half of his genes and your mom is giving half of her genes; they combine to make your genome and, and turn as your body develops, your DNA provides sort of the instruction book for how everything should be put together. So for any of your physical traits that you inherit from your parents, they come from your DNA.


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