How Many Neutrons Does Gadolinium Have?

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Gadolinium has 93 neutrons, and this number is figured by using the equation which states that neutrons plus protons equal the atomic mass. Use chemistry equations to determine the amount of neutrons that an element has with help from a science teacher and field biologist in this free video on chemistry.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Brian with Today we're going to figure out how many neutrons gadolinium has. So in order to figure this out, we need to figure out a couple things. First we need a periodic table, we need to locate gadolinium and we need to find out two specific details about it. We need to find out its atomic number, so the number associated with the element and we also need to find out its atomic weight which is the larger number below. So gadolinium element 64 has an atomic weight of 157.25. In order to figure out how many neutrons it has, we have to go through a couple of steps. First of all the number of protons is simply the atomic number 64. So there's 64 protons. This means that there's also 64 electrons since chargers have to balance. Now in order to find out the number of neutrons, the neutrons plus the protons equal the atomic mass. So our atomic mass is 157 and a quarter, round that to the nearest whole number, 157. So if we rewrite our equation with the actual numbers in there, 157 equals 64 plus the number of the neutrons or the number of neutrons equals 93. So gadolinium in general has 93 neutrons. Keep in mind that is does have a few different isotopes which means that the number of neutrons varies but in general if you're going to answer the question, gadolinium has 93 neutrons.


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