How to Cleanse the Bowel

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Cleansing the bowel requires analyzing the diet, staying hydrated and including plenty of vegetable fiber in each meal. Eat whole foods low in toxins to cleanse the bowel with helpful information from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Charlotte Skiles. I'm a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist with Eat in Peace Wellness Consulting located in Austin, Texas, and today's topic is how to cleanse the bowels. There are a number of ways to cleanse the bowels, and it really depends on the person trying to do such a thing. So, that's such a conversation, such an important perspective to take on is what is the context of a person's life? This is often overlooked. What burdens are they putting on their body? There isn't a one size fits all answer to this question, but I'll give you a couple of avenues and things to think about. So, in terms of cleansing the bowels what we're talking about is having bowel movements, and we want to be moving the bowels daily. You have three opportunities during your day to have a bowel movement. This is a phenomenon in the body called a mass movement. A message is sent every eight hours that moves the bowels if indeed there is something to move. So, that message is sent. If there's nothing to move, great, there's nothing to move, but you at least want that to occur daily. You'll read in certain literatures that you want the bowels to move three times a day. I don't believe in these hard and fast rules. I just think that it needs to move daily, and it can move as often as it wants as long as it's comfortable and well formed stool, so it's not too dry and it's not too wet so to speak. So, in terms of how to facilitate these healthy bowel movements you want to stay hydrated. By the time your waste products in your digestive tract get to the colon the thing to realize about the colon is that its role is to reabsorb water back into the body and to dehydrate the waste product that then is going to leave your body, so there's a sucking action that occurs there. You want to make sure there's enough water down there so that the body reabsorbs what it needs and releases the waste products. Too much water in the bowel, and that doesn't really have to do with being over-hydrated; it has to do with other other things going on, and you get runny stools. Not enough water in the bowel and you get dry stools, so you're looking for a balance there, so stay hydrated. The other thing to think about with cleansing the bowel is fiber intake. Generally speaking, vegetable fiber is the way to go. Many people will turn to grains to increase their fiber intake, and grains can cause a lot of digestive problems for people. Evolutionarily, the two food groups that our bodies are not used to seeing, especially in the form in which we have in our food supply, is dairy and wheat, so if you have problems with bowels and bowel movements, either excessively or not enough, you would want to look at those two foods and the role that they play in your diet; dairy and wheat, so that's you know, an experiment you can take on. Remove those foods and see how your your digestion shifts. So, increase your intake of plant based fiber material, specifically vegetables and fruits. It's interesting to note that fruits, you know, we eat fruits and they have seeds in them. Well, seeds want to be planted back in the ground so by their very design they have a laxative effect in the body, and this is how we co-evolve with our environment. So, keep in mind that if you have, you know, if you want to cleanse your bowels increase the fruits in your diet and see how that shows up for you. The other thing to think about in terms of cleansing the bowels is exercise. We need to move our bodies physically in order for the bowels to move, and going on a long walk and taking deep breaths is like an internal massage to the GI tract; keeps things moving appropriately. So, those are just a couple of thoughts. There are many paths up the mountain of of cleansing the bowels, but those are my thoughts on how to do it appropriately for your body.


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