How to Detox Toxins From Body With Natural Products

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Detoxing the body of toxins using natural products is possible by nourishing the system, while cleansing the system at the same time through the consumption of whole foods. Detox the body naturally without depleting all nutrients with helpful information from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on alternative medicine.

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Hi. My name is Charlotte Skiles, I'm a Nutrition Consultant and a Clinical Herbalist with Eat In Peace Wellness Consulting, located in Austin Texas. And, the topic I'm going to be addressing today is, how to detox toxins from your body with natural products. And there a number of ways to do this, so, I'm going to talk about my favorite. And it's a product, a three week program, put together by a company called Standard Process. Now, this line is not going to be available in grocery stores. It's only available through health professionals. It's very, very high quality, and they want to make sure that people are guided appropriately by professionals, in terms of using these products. But what you can do, is go to Standard Process website, and they can put you in contact with a health practitioner near you, who uses these products. And this three week program, called the Purification Kit, is a whole foods program designed to detoxify the body, so it's one of the few that I know of that nourishes the system, as apposed to stripping and cleansing the system. So, the idea here is the body knows what to do if it's given the tools to do so. So, you're enhancing function, as opposed to stripping and further depleting the body, because quite frankly, it's not that people don't eat. They need to change what they're eating in order to facilitate detoxification. And the idea of this program is to open up the channels of elimination. So, there's four ways that things get out of the body. That's through the gastrointestinal tracks, so the liver plays a role there. There's through the urinary track,through urine. There's through the breath, breathing, and there's through the skin, sweating. Those are the four ways, so there's a lot of natural products out there that facilitate the cleansing process and detoxification process in the body, but there only focusing on one pathway. That's you know, in general a pretty bad idea. You want to make sure all four are open, because each particular organ of detoxification removes specifics products from the body. Whether they're water soluble, fat soluble, how big is the molecule that needs to leave the body. All of these are things to consider. So, this three week program is a series of dietary changes. So there are certain foods that you emphasis, and certain foods that you avoid. And then you've also have a shake that you drink on a daily basis, three to five times a day in fact. Which is a very nutritious shake. All of these are whole foods. So, you're not putting a lot of synthetic things into the body. It's as if you're just putting in what mother nature intended. And I love this program, because you get a little bit of the ability to, kind of, not have to think about food preparation all the time. I mean one of the things we do when we're making dietary changes is it's so preoccupying, and if you have this particular shake to consume, that offers whole food nutrition, you get a little break. And you get little wiggle room for learning how to add and make new foods to your diet. So, in addition to the shake, you also have a dietary fiber supplement. Another supplement, called a cleansing blend which is basically food and nutritional products that feed the detoxification pathways. Another product that is made of just vegetables, that once again feed the liver's ability to detoxify and do it's job. If I had to recommend a natural product for facilitating the detoxification process in the body, once again, it would be the Purification Kit, by Standard Process.


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