Differences Between Asthma & Bronchiolitis in Children

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Asthma and bronchiolitis are different in that asthma is a chronic condition, while bronchiolitis is an acute disorder. Discover why bronchiolitis is separate from asthma due to the presence of an infection with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on asthma and bronchiolitis.

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Video Transcript

Difference between asthma and bronchiolitis in children. First of all, asthma is a chronic disorder and bronchiolitis is an acute disorder. Asthma, it presents itself as a, episodes of shortness of breath, whizzing and a cough because of the narrowing of the airways. They also become inflamed. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that there is an infection. The airways become narrow with mucus and sometimes it's a, productive and sometimes it's not. With bronchiolitis; itis meaning always meaning infection of. So the bronchial tubes that go into the lungs upon the trachea divided into the right and the left mainstream bronchus and then it goes into the bronchial tubes. If further divides into the bronchioles; which is a respiratory unit that is part of the alveoli and the conducting, where the, the exchange takes place of, of the oxygen and the carbon dioxide. So the bronchioles are very small airways that become inflamed with the infection; but they present themselves a lot like asthma; shortness of breath, whizzing, coughing, but usually accompanied with a fever because the infection. So one is an acute disorder, which is bronchiolitis and the other one is asthma which is a chronic disorder of the respiratory system of the lung itself.


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