Tips on Pets for Children With Asthma

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Children with asthma should only be exposed to pets who have short hair, no hair or hair that hasn't been exposed to the outdoors. Find out how pets can track pollen and spores into a home with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on asthma and pets.

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Video Transcript

Tips on pets for children with asthma. First of all a proper diagnosis from a licensed physician is most important for your child. Indoor pets with short hair or hairless is the most important. The more that you can keep them inside, of course the less they track in, the outside. Also, birds are not recommended due to the fine powder on their bodies. Any animal that can track in with pollen and spores on their coat is a chance of the child reacting with an allergic reaction and having an asthma attack because of these irritants. Pet dander with air breathing contaminants that is a very important that you keep your pet clean. If at all possible wear a mask and clean the pet, brush the pet in an area where it won't spread all over the place. Also keep a log on what triggers an attack in a child. Remember you are breathing this dander from the pet and the dust so it's very important to keep not only the animal clean but to keep the area clean around the child. If you have to wear a mask to wear to clean the pet, that's important because the dust mites. But again tips on pets for children, it's so much easier if you had an animal that's small, short in hair, or hairless animal so that it doesn't have so much dander to have to deal with to cause contaminants that would cause a trigger for the child to have an asthma attack.


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