Asthma Prevention in Children

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The best way to prevent asthma in children is to keep a log of the asthmatic triggers and maintain an environment that is free of smoke and other irritants. Get a flu shot for a child to help prevent asthma symptoms with help from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner in this free video on asthma treatments.

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Asthma prevention in children. Proper diagnosis by a licensed physician is one of the most important things that you can do besides following the, the doctor's orders. Those are very important issues. Prevention is worth a pound to cure. How many times have we heard that? Some of the ways that we can prevent asthma or and help the child is to keep a log of the triggers. Once you see what triggers the asthma or the attack of asthma in the child, then keep a log of it and then make sure there's a smoke free house or even the outside because all the irritants still on the clothes also. So second hand smoke as we know is very dangerous and just having smoke around the child, the irritants were there. Avoid extreme weather changes. Avoid those with colds and it might be possible for the child to obtain a flu shot yearly. The bedding should be changed one to two weeks. You should have clean sheets and pillow cases, covered with the wraps on them so that there will not be a lot of irritants or dust mites with, so the child will be able to breath in a cleaner environment. A pets with small hair so the dander won't be on the child and in the air. A, a clean residence, a clean place for the child, sleeps and eats and crawls and plays. Medications are very important that they're followed exactly the way that they have been ordered by your physician. A heap of filter to filter out the streams of the, the bacteria and the pollutants in the air. Molds and dampness are something to be avoided for these children. Avoid new ceiling fans because they're usually very dusty and create more dust and wind and cause turbulence for the child to breath. Make sure there is, roaches that are taken cared of. Cockroaches can cause asthmatic attack. Humidity less than fifty percent is usually very good for the child to be able to breath. Cover the vents with filters. Avoid strong odors. Use aircondition in the home and in the car instead of rolling the windows down or opening the windows and watch the forecast of pollens. Pollens are normally higher in the mid day and in the afternoon.


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