The Best Food to Feed Dogs That Have Seizures

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Dogs that have seizures usually suffer from epilepsy, which means that they should have a diet that has low preservatives, or no preservatives. Find out why it's important to avoid feeding a dog random table food with help from a veterinarian in this free video on dog health and care.

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We're going to talk about what foods are best to feed a dog who has seizures. Now a seizuring dog has to have a diagnosis first at a veterinary clinic to figure out why they're seizuring. A lot of dogs seizure just due to epilepsy which tends to be a genetic issue in which they will seizure from time to time. So how does diet play a role into that? Well some people think that preservatives can play a role in seizure in dogs, that is dogs that have seizures do better on lower or no preservative diets. So look for a diet with little or no preservatives if possible. Talk to your veterinary clinic as well. They can guide you on the best diets that may be appropriate for a dog who does have seizures. Now it's not to say that a no preservative diet will cure a seizuring dog, but there is some thoughts that there could be a link there sometimes. Now treats, a lot of dogs gets treats and treats unfortunately do have lots of filler to them and lots of preservatives and so you want to make sure also that you're using, if you're using treats, that you're using a natural based treat as well with no preservatives because again, a lot of people don't realize how much filler and preservatives can be in a small little treat but it can be extraordinary sometimes. So if your dog is an epileptic or a dog who has seizures occasionally, talk to your clinic and find out if the diet you're feeding is appropriate, you don't want to feed table food and just random things from the table because you never know what's in those chemicals or preservatives or otherwise that can affect your dog and just use a good, quality, low preservative food.


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