How to Find an Elderly Dog a Home

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It can be challenging to find an elderly dog a home, but the first step is to get a geriatric exam to make sure the dog doesn't have any serious medical problems. Check for any issues that may prevent an elderly dog from getting adopted with help from a veterinarian in this free video on elderly dogs.

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Let's talk about how to find an elderly or geriatric dog a home. This can present unique challenges for multiple reasons, and so if there is a is a dog that is geriatric and somebody can't care for it anymore then obviously you trying to adopt it is going to be harder than if it were a young puppy or somethin' like that. And so, how to find an elderly dog a home would be basically with a couple of steps. One would be to get this dog a geri a geriatric exam by a veterinarian to make sure that there aren't any major issues going on like a heart murmur, you know, heart disease, really bad teeth, arthritis. Anything of that nature that might hinder an adoption of an elderly dog. If everything checks out pretty well, and blood work's looking good, all those types of things, then the next step would be how to place an elderly dog, and obviously humane societies are one source. You can call them and talk to them. They sometimes, not always, but sometimes can accept elderly dogs and try to find them homes. There are some shelters, the rescue shelters that will do the same, and there are some people locally sometimes that will foster elderly dogs for a while until they can find a home. There are other places, online sites, that people can list dogs for adoption, so this would be another source to put that out there. But obviously what you want to do is make sure that a geriatric dog doesn't have a lot of problems first that need to be fixed, or that's going to hinder somebody adopting them and making it difficult for them to care for this el elderly patient as well.


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