How to Repel Dogs

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When attempting to repel a dog that is a nuisance, it's important to never put oneself at risk by yelling at the dog. Learn about commercial spray products that are unappealing to dogs with help from a veterinarian in this free video on stray dogs.

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Video Transcript

Let's talk about how to repel dogs. And so there's some situations with a house or a neighborhood where there's some dogs that come through or get in to you know, the yard the gardens, trash, all those sorts of things. And so trying to repel nuisance dogs can be you know, a wanton thing obviously. The first thing you think about with repelling dogs, is never put yourself at risk. Rabies does exist in the canine world and so if you're putting yourself at risk or around a stray dog and trying to yell at it or get rid of it, and if it has rabies or something like that, that can be risky. So just never put yourself in danger. Dogs can bite obviously. So secondly, if it's a stray situation, there are sprays and commercial types of products that may contain ammonia and things like that that you can spray around the yard that dogs would come in and sniff and they have a very powerful sense of smell obviously, and that can sometimes repel them. They don't always work very well, but that's also an idea. Thirdly, if there is a dog that is coming near you, a garden hose actually can work pretty well, as well by squirting them with water. They generally don't like that and that can repel them quite often. Also, if there is a sick animal or an injured animal, you know calling animal control or the local human societies and see what they can do to help you is going to be a step there. Most states and most cities are going to have leash laws. And so there are dogs that are coming through or you're trying to repel, then chances are they're technically strays. And so getting them off the streets is better for them health wise and preventing them from harming anybody. But again, just to be on the sage side don't put yourself at risk and you can use deterrents, fencing works very well, obviously. They also makes some sounds, some ultrasonic sound wave producers that you could put in the yard, that sometimes might help repel these guys as well. At the very least you can check with your veterinary clinic and they can help you through that as well.


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