How to Activate an iPhone, Setup an iPhone or Buy a iPhone?

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To buy, setup and activate an iPhone, visit the Apple store, an AT&T store, WalMart or Best Buy, pick out the size of the phone, and have the store activate the phone. Find out how new iPhones are less expense and have larger memory space than the original iPhones with information from the manager of a cell phone store in this free video iPhones.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben from the cellphone broker in San Jose, CA and today I am going to show you how to activate, set up, and purchase an iPhone. There are basically only a couple of things you can do when your activating an iPhone. With a new iPhone it's all done in a store in terms of activation with the AT&T service. So when you go in to the Apple store, the AT&T store, Wal-mart also sells them and Best Buy I believe are the four major retailers that are authorized to sell the iPhone. When you go in to any of those four retailers to purchase an iPhone, the activation thought AT&T will be done in the store so when you leave the store you will have a functioning phone with its own number that's ready to go. So the iPhone 3G is the second generation iPhone to come out. The original iPhone which was the iPhone 2G which had the silver on the back and a little black plastic bar on the bottom. The iPhone 2G is was what that one was called. It had a slower data speed and it was a little bit bigger than the new iPhone 3G. The other thing about the iPhone 2G is that you had to pay a lot more for it. The starting price when it first came out was between $500-$600 dollars depending upon which size you purchased and then you would purchase it for that price, take it home, plug it in to your computer and install iTunes and it was just a complicated process where you then have to go on line through iTunes and activate the phone and run a credit check and it was just a huge mess. So there are not many variations of the iPhone available. There is a 4ghb version which is available in the black color. There is also a 16ghb version which is available in white or black color. All of those phones have the 3G support which means you get the fastest network in the United States in terms of data speed so when your checking your email and browsing the Internet the data speed goes through right away almost like when your browsing Internet on your computer. When you purchase the iPhone it is locked for use on only one service provider in the United States and that would be AT&T. There are ways around that but I'm not going to get in to that for legal reasons. So when you go purchase an iPhone it's only for use on AT&T unless somebody else can change that for you.


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