Freezing Blackberries

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Freeze blackberries in one of two ways: combine the blackberries with a sugar and water mixture before freezing, or layer the berries on a damp paper towel in an air tight container. Find out which way of freezing blackberries works best for different types of cooking with information from an executive chef in this free video on food storage.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Paege Chafin. I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Gardens in St. Petersburg, Florida and today we're going to talk about freezing blackberries. Freezing blackberries can be done in two different ways. It depends on what you're going to use them for when you're done. When you take them out of the freezer, you want them to be as close to fresh as possible. The two ways are, the first, the best way is for dessert usage, if you take it out of the freezer for dessert usage. You would make a sugar and water mixture. You would melt the sugar very well on a high heat and then cool it off. You will then pour it over the blackberries in whatever container you choose to freeze it in. I don't recommend freezing them in plastic bags because of the amount of of sugar and water that you're going to put in it to keep them fresh. The other way to freeze blackberries is with paper towels in between layers. This you definitely cannot use a Ziploc bag for, or any type of plastic bag. You would have to use a container with a snug, tight lid. You would put a a damp paper towel on the very bottom of the container. Make sure your blackberries are very, very dry and don't have any water on them and then you would put one layer of blackberries down and then a slightly damp paper towel. You don't want it wet at all, just slightly damp. It preserves the freshness. If you get it too wet, your blackberries are going to have ice crystals when you take 'em out of the freezer and we don't want that. We want you to be happy with your blackberries. Now just remember, we've talked to two ways to freeze blackberries and they both work beautifully for whatever application you need. Once again, my name is Paege Chafin and I'm at Roman Gardens in St. Pete. Have a great day.


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