Can You Freeze Cheddar Cheese?

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Cheddar cheese should not be frozen because it has a high water content, which causes ice crystals to form and ruin the flavor and texture of the cheese. Find out why soft, white cheeses can be frozen if they are packaged properly with information from an executive chef in this free video on cheese.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Paege Chafin. I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Gardens in St. Petersburg and today we're going to talk about can you freeze cheddar cheese? The answer is simply no. You cannot freeze cheddar cheese. All the cheeses that are either classified as a hard cheese or as a colored cheese have problems with developing ice crystals when you put them in the freezer. They have a much higher water content then your softer cheeses, therefore they freeze a lot slower and the water in the cheese will freeze and make ice crystals which does not taste very good. If you are going to freeze cheese, and I do suggest the whites on the softer cheeses, please make sure you wrap them in foil first before you put the plastic on the outside and label it well so you'll know what it is when you go back in. Again to recap, do not freeze the hard cheeses such as cheddar or muenster or the ones that are yellow in color. You can freeze the white ones but please be careful to double wrap them with foil first and plastic second. And there you have it. You can't freeze cheddar cheese and I'm Paege Chafin from Roman Garden's in St. Pete and have a great day.


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