How Do Refrigerators Prevent Food From Spoiling?

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Refrigerators prevent food from spoiling by controlling the temperature and the humidity. A little bit of humidity will keep fruits and vegetables from rotting quickly. Set the humidity level for the fruit and vegetable bin on a refrigerator with help from an executive chef in this free video on food storage.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Paege Chafin. I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Garden's Restaurant in St. Petersburg and today we're going to tell you how your refrigerator works. Refrigerators work two different ways. Part of the way they work is a humidity control and if you've noticed those drawers in your refrigerator, they have a little dial on them that'll say fruits or vegetables. Either way, you want to go on the dial. The reason being is fruits have to have a lot less humidity to stay fresh than vegetables do. For example, if you have just one draw that is humidity controlled and you have squash in it and you have peaches in it. You would want to set the drawer to control the peaches because they, fruit spoils quicker than vegetables. Have you ever noticed when you get in your car and the temperature's colder outside, you have fog on the inside of your window, that's exactly the way the refrigerator works. It pumps the humidity back into the air to keep your foods fresh and keep them from spoiling. A little bit of humidity is a good thing, but a lot of humidity is a bad thing and it will rot your food very quickly. So be very careful when you set your settings and make sure you experiment with different fruits and vegetables to see what works the best for you and your refrigerator. And that's how refrigerators keep food from spoiling. Once again, my name Paege Chafin. I'm at Roma Gardens in St. Pete and have a great day.


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