Hair Weaving Techniques

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Hair weaving techniques can include braiding very fine cornrows across the head and sewing wefts of hair into the braids, or braiding small strands of extensions into the hair using a box braid technique. Discover a few ways to weave synthetic hair into real hair with beauty advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Lauren and I am here to discuss hair weaving techniques. One weaving technique is to actually sew your hair weft into your hair. So what you are going to do is you are going to separate your hair. You want to be about an inch to an inch and a half away from the scalp line and you are going to create a very small, very thin line circling around the entire head. That way you can sew your entire hair weft into it. You are going to section the hair leaving this section out, avoiding any other section. You want it to be a pretty crisp line. After you are done with the sectioning I am just kind of going to section off some of these pieces that way I don't grab them. You are going to do a tight cornrow braid. It is a very small braid. You are going to split the hair into three sections and then going underneath each section you are going to braid the hair back. This is going to go circular and the braid is going to go from about an inch to an inch and a half behind your one temple all the way around to your other side, the same distance away from your hair line. You do three rows of those. You are then after you finish your cornrow braid you are then going to take your hair wefts and it will look like this and it will be pieces of hair attached to them and you are going to need a needle and thread and sew them into your hair wefts or into your cornrow. The cornrow is a very tight braid so therefore you may feel as if you have a bit of a headache after you sew everything in plus you'll have that added weight. This is one way that you can actually weave hair into yours and get a little bit more of an extension or a little bit more hair. Another way that we can do it is by actually doing a box braid and this is more or less for braided hair styles and you can separate your hair into little sections. You can take other human hair, rap it around the little section that you've made and then you are actually going to braid that section up using your natural hair as well as the added hair. Now I am using blond just to really show you the difference in the actual hair colors and the way it would look. Once you get your braid far enough down where your pieces are going to stay in you can then seal off the braid if you wanted to by using a little bit of glue and let the rest of the hair hang. Those are just two ways of weaving in hair techniques.


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