How to Care for Human Hair Wigs

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Caring for human hair wigs requires using a specialty wig brush to get out the tangles, using wig shampoo in a sink full of water to gently wash it and letting it hair dry completely. Be gentle with a human hair wig, taking special precautions to prevent matting, with beauty advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Lauren and today I'm here to discuss how to care for human hair wigs. Human hair wigs you're going to need a little bit of special attention for because you don't want to destroy the wig and you don't want it to become matted. When brushing a human hair wig, you going to use a wig brush, which will actually have more of a bore like bristle or bristles closer together. You're going to start at the ends and you're going to work your way up in order to get out any snarls and to smooth the hair. You're going to actually purchase a wig brush. You can get that most likely actually where it is that you got your wig. Another good thing to know about wigs, is that your going to actually wash them with in wig shampoo. You're going to fill your sink up with water and you're going to add a little bit of that wig shampoo. Now it's not like washing our hair. You don't want to scrub them, you don't want to mat them up. You literally want to take your wig off, place it within the water and just kind of tassel it a little bit. You know, sway it around, swirl it. You want to almost make it a whirlwind. What will happen then it'll just kind of clean it without actually being abrasive. You want to be very gentle. After you're done washing it, you will simply then rinse. Get all the shampoo out. Place it on top of something. I recommend like more like a cylinder container such as this, where you can actually put the wig on top of it. You want there to be enough room where you can actually aerate and allow the air to travel through the wig. That way you can prevent getting any kind of mold or anything growing on the inside. After you dry it one way and let it sit for a few hours, then I would suggest drying it the other way. Then use your wig brush and brush as needed in order to smooth the hair and get out any remaining snarls. And that is how to take care of your human hair wig.


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