Why Do People Put Honey in Their Hair?

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People put honey on their hair to draw in more moisture and to tame fizz, as honey attracts water and moisture into the hair follicle. Create a mixture of warm olive oil and honey to use as a hair mask with beauty advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm here to discuss why people put honey in their hair. Honey is actually a humectant which will help grab on to water molecules and help them water molecules stay within your hair; thus, adding more moisture into your hair, which moisture as we know is excellent for your hair. It does not need as much moisture as your skin, however, it does need some moisture in order to prevent frizz, have your hair shiny and lustrous and just feeling a little bit more frizz free and a little bit more tame. Since honey is a humectant, it will attract those water molecules and it will actually keep the water molecules within the hair by attracting them. However, honey is also sugar. Now we all know how sticky honey can actually get. So if you would actually put straight honey in your hair and try to get through your hair, you wouldn't get very far because the sugar would stick to your hair and you would actually want it, causing more damage to your hair by trying to break through that honey and actually get it distributed over your whole head. Most salon products or professional products, all of the ones that do have honey in the, in the products in order to enhance shine and enhance moisture usually have the honey in low disease. So that's why you, you know, don't have the stickiness or you don't have that, you know, tough to get through hair which can almost cause your hair to break. A good way of doing that is actually taking olive oil and honey and you can do by a tablespoon of each or like equal parts depending on the length of your hair. Heating it up in the microwave, mixing it really well in order to combine the two and then place that over the hair shaft. You can leave that on; you can do it with a brush and actually brush it all on in order to get it to go and you want to go from root to the end of that hair shaft. Or you can simply do it with the comb and comb it through. The olive oil will break up all parts some of that sugar plus so actually the heat; so it will take away some of that stickiness which will make it easier for you to bring it through your hair. After you get it through your hair, leave it on for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then afterwards just shampoo as usual. You may want to shampoo your hair twice in order to make sure you get all the honey out. And that is why people put honey in their hair.


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