Step-by-Step Instructions on Cornrowing

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When cornrowing hair step by step, first decide how wide each row will be, part the hair in a straight line or a zigzag pattern, and clip back the hair surrounding the work area. Begin braiding cornrows in the hair, which resemble a backwards French braid, with beauty advice from a professional hair stylist in this free video on hair care.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name is Lauren and today I'm going to do to step by step instructions on cornrowing. The first thing that you're going to want to decide is the width of your cornrow. You're going to decide how wide you want your cornrow to actually be. You're also going to decide on your partings. You have two choices. Your parting could be very define and go straight back. So that way any pattern that you decide to do will be a very defined pattern. Or you can zigzag by simply putting a tail comb or a clip like this and go moving up and down. Once you move up and down, all you do is simply drag it out and separate the hair. The hair will naturally go to separate. That'll give you a less defined parting. Once you decide on the width of your cornrow and your parting style, you're going to separate the hair on either side of that cornrow from your actual working space. You're going to do about a half inch, a quarter to a half an inch in the front and you're going to separate that hair out from your cornrow. You're then going to use two fingers. Insert them in, into the hair and separate the hair in to three sections. You want to make sure that those sections are pretty equal. You're then going to take those three sections and you're going to start with the outside and bring it in underneath the center. You're going to do that with all side strings. So you're actually looking to do more of a raised braid. After you go about two or three in, you're then going to continue. You're going to add hair with that and then again, work the hair underneath so you'll swing it under that center one. You're going to work your way all the way back continuing to add the hair and then once you finish the cornrow or pattern that you're choosing to do, you will actually tie it off with a rubber band or anything else of your choosing in order to keep the cornrow in. Again, the reason for going underneath it, is in order to actually make that braid sort of pop up and stand out. So it's ultimately a French braid but going in the opposite direction. And that is step by step instructions on how to do a cornrow.


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