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Attachments for a Dremel tool are varied, including router guards, flex shaft units, drill presses, hand drills, laminate cutters and glass etchers. Find a variety of Dremel attachments for any hobbyist project with advice from a jewelry maker and gemologist in this free video on tools.

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Video Transcript

The question is what are some of the attachments for a dremel? There are countless options that you can get for a dremel. This particular unit happens to be set up with a router guard on it for doing woodworking. That you just take this bit, hold it up next to a piece of wood, and when you turn it on. Put on my safety glasses. Then when I flip this on you can see how the router attachment works. Another option with this router, or excuse me with this dremel is to pull this off, take this collet off and we're going to convert it so a flex shaft unit which allows you to do a little bit more precision work because a dremel itself is a relatively heavy unit in your hand. And if you're doing very fine engraving work the unit becomes very tedious and cumbersome to handle. So what we're going to do is we're going to switch it over to this flex shaft unit right here. And then now we can set the motor itself down. Just turn it on. And now all we have is the hand held unit to hold in our hand and it's very light-weight. Another thing you can go to any store that sells the dremels. You can get drill presses, you can get right hand drills, you can get laminate cutters, you can get glass etchers. It is, unlimited, the options that you can get with a dremel. But if you're thinking about taking up the hobby of woodwork or metal work you gotta have a dremel. Can't do without it.


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