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Dremel tool bits are broken into four categories, which include a wood sculpting series, a metal sculpting series, a metal grinding series and a metal polishing series. Collect a variety of tool bits to use on a Dremel hand-held grinder with advice from a jewelry maker and gemologist in this free video on tools.

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The question is about Dremel accessories and Dremel tool bits. With a Dremel motor, which is a high performance metal sculpting tool and a wood sculpting tool, the bits that you put on the attachment on the end of this machine basically fall into four categories. You've got a wood sculpting series, you've got a metal sculpting series, you have a metal grinding series and you have a metal polishing series. First one I'm going to show you is a wood sculpting bit and this here is a, this is a wood router bit and what it does is it goes into the unit and you lock it down, you tighten it up, you put the guard on, you put on your safety glasses...Then, we're actually going to take the tool and we're going to start cutting with it. The second type of attachment or bit that you can buy for your Dremel is a metal sculpting bit, or a metal carving bit, and it's these little burrs right here. You can buy 'em in all shapes and sizes, and actually once you get a Dremel tool, you'll, maybe you're going to be like me and buy 'em in every shape and every size and every option. The third thing that we have is a metal grinding tool, and the grinding tools look like this right here. You can also have rotary disk grinders. As you can see they're, they come in different sizes, and if you'll look to the side, different widths, and lastly, the fourth option is polishing. So let's pull this guard off and if you'll look up here, you'll see this is several of the options that are available for polishing. This is a brass wheel. This is a nickel wheel. This is a different type of brass. I've got soft brushes. I've got hard brushes. I've got felt. I've got a cut off disc. I have rubber wheels. So the options are limitless. The Dremel is an excellent choice if you're going to be into metal work, metalworking or woodworking, the Dremel is an essential tool to have in your workshop.


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