What is a Dremel Kit?

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A Dremel kit consists of a basic Dremel rotary grinder, metal sculpting bits and metal grinding bits, but more accessories and different types of bits are available for woodworking, glasswork and metalwork. Begin using a Dremel using a basic kit with advice from a jewelry maker and gemologist in this free video on tools.

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Video Transcript

Question is what is a Dremel Kit? Basically, let's start with what is a Dremel? And a Dremel is the brand name of the most popular hand-held, grinding, personal grinder on the market. Looks like this right here. This unit, what I like about this unit over some of the other models is this one has variable speeds. I highly recommend getting a variable speed Dremel. If you're looking to buy a Dremel, get the variable speed unit. But a Dremel, basically, it is a high speed, high torque, very powerful hand-held grinder and what makes a Dremel unique is all of the attachments that you can get that go on the, basically on the business end of the Dremel, all of the cutting and grinding attachments. And when you first get a Dremel, you're probably going to start with something that looks like this right here. And this is just your basic Dremel. It's got some metal sculpting bits in it and it has some metal grinding bits, and also readily available on the market is a Dremel system that has router bits for woodworking. There are countless options available for the Dremel and any Dremel retailer and on the Internet, you'll basically see how many options are available, but what you're going to find is you're going to start with a kit like this right here, and you're going to start deciding whether you like this type of grinder or not, and then you're going to buy others and then you're going to be like me and you're going to have probably a thousand different attachments for your Dremel and I use about nine hundred of them every day.


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