Teeth Whitening & Pregnancy

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Teeth whitening is generally not recommended for pregnant women because pregnancy can cause health problems with the teeth and gums. Avoid any dental procedures while pregnant unless it is an emergency with advice from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and teeth whitening.

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Video Transcript

As dentists we often times get asked by pregnant women whether or not teeth whitening is safe for an unborn fetus. And typically our response is we tell you to ask your doctor or physician. As a dentist we typically do not advocate doing teeth whitening while pregnant. It's not because there is any real studies that suggest that teeth whitening can affect an unborn fetus. However, what we know though is because when a woman is pregnant they go through a lot of hormone fluctuations and it's because of that the hygiene becomes a lot more difficult and pregnant women tend to experience more issues with their gums such as puffiness, and swelling, and even bleeding. Teeth whitening is designed for patients that have excellent hygiene and their gums are healthy. Typically we find with a pregnant woman that they develop a condition such as what we call pregnancy gingivitis where there's a lot of swelling and bleeding around the gums despite having good hygiene. It's for these reasons that we typically do not offer teeth whitening to pregnant women, as we feel it's an elective cosmetic procedure that can be deferred until the lady has their baby. We think that although the whitening would do a great thing for the patient it's just an unnecessary risk that we feel is taken by doing teeth whitening. So to answer the question with pregnant women we typically advise not to do any sort of teeth whitening and for that matter we don't typically advise any sort of dental treatment during pregnancy unless it's an emergency type procedure where the patient needs to be taken out of pain.


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