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The pros of using Invisalign braces are that they are removable, they do not compromise hygiene or cosmetics, and they frequently have faster results than traditional braces. Find out about the cons of Invisalign, including not working if the patient does not wear them frequently, with information from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and braces.

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Video Transcript

There are several advantages, and disadvantages to using the Invisalign, or clear braces that we speak of. Some of the advantages is the fact that because they're clear braces, they're also removable. Meaning that they can be taken in, and out, at the patients convenience. This is advantageous because often times when traditional braces are placed on the teeth, your hygiene becomes a lot more complicated. It's much more difficult to keep your teeth clean, as well as your gums healthy. And Invisalign lends that to itself, in the fact that it can be removed while you're working on your hygiene. They also can be removed while you're eating, and drinking, and things like that. So from a hygiene stand point, they are much more easier to keep your teeth clean. And certainly from a convenience stand point, they can be taken out kind of at the patients will. But it's important to understand too, that they can't be off for too long, and they're typically advised that you need to wear them, anywhere from 16, to 20 hours a day. So while they are a convenience to take off, and on, it's important that you stick with the routine. That being a disadvantage is that if you're not compliant with wearing them on a regular basis, that is you're taking them off, but you're forgetting to put them back on, then you lose the effect of the invisible braces being able to move your teeth. Some of the other advantages is obviously because they're clear. They don't compromise your cosmetics, or you aesthetic personality. So when you're wearing the clear braces, it's very hard for patients to actually see that you're wearing them. Which makes that very attractive to patients that are possibly out in the public, or maybe in a public speaking situation. So they are more cosmetic. They're also more convenient because you can take them in, and out. We also find too, that people that are prescribed Invisalign treatment, is the treatment is usually a lot faster. That being said, we see cases as little as six months, up to maybe 12, to 18 months that Invisalign can help accomplish that end result. However with traditional braces, sometimes it can take anywhere from two, to three years, depending on the situation. So really, there's not a lot of disadvantages to the Invisalign. It more or less depends on the situation that the patient presents with. Invisalign is good for small situations such as a small amount of crowding, or a small amount of spacing. If you want to do maybe like a small little tilt, or upright of a tooth, those work great. Now if you have very poor crowding, or very, very, bad spacing, or something unusual like an under bite, Invisalign is typically not going to be successful to restore that back to where it needs to be. So, Invisalign is a very good option, but again, it's on a case, to case basis, of whether or not it's a pro, or con.


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