How to Whiten Teeth

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Whitening teeth can be done through basic dental hygiene, whitening toothpastes and mouth washes, prescription whitening gels, or laser whitening. Consider the desired results when choosing a whitening option with information from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and teeth whitening.

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Video Transcript

There are many different ways one can whiten their teeth. It depends typically on what sort of end result you're hoping to achieve in whitening the teeth. And what we mean by that is obviously, people present with different variations of tooth color, and depending on the level of whitening that the patient hopes to achieve kind of dictates what sort of treatment that we would recommend to get the teeth whiter. Kind of starting simply first, you know, the first things that we like to talk about is obviously hygiene. Now, hygiene is a very, very important dictator for keeping the teeth white. Simple things such as brushing and flossing, and using a regular mouth rinse alone will help contribute to the teeth being clean which, in effect, keeps the teeth whiter. Obviously, there are more bigger modalities that we can use to facilitate whitening such as there are whitening toothpastes out there that do have some ingredients that can help contribute to the whitenings of teeth. We find that it's typically very short felt, and typically, not that achievable depending on the result that the patient wants; however, tooth there are toothpastes out there that can help achieve some sort of whitening effect. Then, there's also treatments that are in the dental office, such as bleaching trays which are custom molded trays made for that specific person's teeth. And there's special bleaching gel that we can prescribe. The gel is put into the trays and the patient wears the tray from as little as thirty minutes up to several hours, and that will usually contribute a great deal of teeth whitening to the patient. The most elite option that we typically talk about is laser whitening, also known as zoom or bright white. That's kind of the high-end way of getting the best teeth whitening effect possible. If you one that has a lot of coffee and tea stains, and you're not real compliant with your hygiene, and you want a very quick whitening phase; that you want to go in and walk right back out with the whitening, the zoom is typically the best modality for whitening teeth. Having said that, again, there's lots of different ways that we can whiten the teeth. We start out with the basics such as hygiene and using over-the-counter toothpastes and mouth rinses; however, depending on the level of whitening that the patient hopes to achieve we typically find that there's things such as the bleaching trays that the in-office dental laser treatments that will provide the best end result for teeth whitening. But again, it really is determined by what sort of results that you have, what you desire, and what your hygiene is like.


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