Home Remedies for Healing Puffy Gums

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Home remedies for healing puffy gums generally require brushing and flossing the teeth around the area of puffiness to get rid of anything trapped between the gums and the teeth. Visit a dentist to identify the source of puffy gums with advice from a general dentist in this free video on dentistry and oral health.

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Video Transcript

There are many different ways to treat puffy gums if you find that the gums are inflamed or swollen. It's important to understand that before you try to determine how you will remove the puffy gums is you have to figure out what the source of the problem is. What I mean by that is there's lots of different things that can contribute to sore puffy gums. We'll kind of touch on a couple of them but it's important that if you find that whatever you try is not successful; it is great, a great idea to go to a dentist so they can further evaluate the condition. Some of the things that we see that cause puffy gums can something from your medical history. So there are certain medications that we know of that you can take for blood pressure or maybe seizures or something like that; they can automatically cause puffy gums. And that circumstance it's not really contingent on your hygiene, so no matter how much you brush and floss and no matter what you rinse with, your more susceptible to getting puffy gums. We also know that in pregnant women, pregnant women tend to have puffy gums than normal and that has to do with the hormones fluctuations within their body. But the other reasons that cause puffy gums can be simply poor hygiene and something simple like getting some build up in between the teeth or something trap between the tooth and the gum, can also cause the puffy gums that you see. So the question is, "What kind of remedies can we use for treating puffy gums at home?" The most basic one would obviously be to try to brush and floss the area to make sure there not any debris trapped between the tooth and gum. Sometimes simply removing any debris that packs around the teeth will alone eliminate a lot of puffiness and swelling that we see. However, if something gets deeper seated down into the tissue, it's at that point it's typically recommended that you go to the dentist. There's other situations that where we see puffy gums and that's can be also with an abscess. So an abscess could also be an indicator of, of an infected tooth or an infected gums and there's a difference between the two. But, they will both present the same in terms of the puffiness. So the swelling and puffy gums needs really to be assessed by a dentist to really get the, their appropriate treatment. But you can do things such as using mouth rinses such as like a peroxide mouth rinse or a Listerine, certainly a water pick or some sort of a sonic hair instrument to kind of help agitate the area to eliminate any sort of infection or debris that kind of sits within the gums. Certainly there are also prescription medication, mouth rinses that a dentist can also prescribe to help eliminate the puffy gums. However, if you find that the puffy gums continue after your remedy, it is imperative that you go see the dentist as soon as possible to further assess what's the source of the puffy gums that you see.


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