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Past life tarot card readings can be complex and intense, as the psychic must make an intimate connection with the individual's psyche before being able to read into their past lives. Find out how past life regressions work with helpful information from a professional psychic in this free video on paranormal states.

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Video Transcript

Oftentimes people will come to me and they want a quick answer, "Who was I in the past life?" Well, I can pull a card and get a little bit of an indication because I've been doing past life regressions forever. I get a card of a young male who is very earthy. So psychically I open up to this and I, because I have had many years of development in that area; I start getting that this person came from a mountainous country and was probably a farmer and male. To have a more in-depth reading, I, I've really believe that's not to be taken lightly. Usually our sessions are two hours and not only does the person actually see their past life; we've been able to identify and document on almost every occasion. As a psychic, traveling with a person who is seeing their past life, you empathetically connect with them as their going. We don't like to lead or make decisions for them; that's something that they need to experience themselves. So as a reader, I can give you the real quick answer, of yeah, there was probably this or that; I will not tell you we're clear patterning your last life. I probably met 2,000 Cleopatras in their past life already. I don't know how that works. So a full reading with the cards to establish, maybe where the person's coming from; I pull the card of the wounded warrior. There seems to be a head injury in this card. So if I psychically, till I tune in before I pull the card and the person is with me, nine times out of ten we're going to hit that exact point that they need to have an understanding of and then of course we'll do a regression with that. This is the wounded warrior, so the next thing I'm going to ask is,"Do you have a headaches?" Do you have issues, physical issues with your head? Nine times out of ten, they're going to say, "Yeah, I do." Is this why you need to explore possibly what is causing this since the doctors can't answer it. Nine times out of ten, we don't want to lead the client too much, but nine times out of ten, they died with the wound to the head. So, these are really fragile, delicate things; so I don't suggest that anyone who hasn't had at least; well, a few years training to go in those directions with folks. Okay, once again, warrior, winning battles. The swords are sometimes conflict and we've already established that there is some, a conflict going on for this person. So, I would say this had to do with battle; these had to do with wounding and there, it's just no, no way out of it with the two cards coming. This person had great success in battle; they were wounded, that's probably they died. So we don't want traumatic experiences from the past; upsetting us in this lifetime. I don't think exploring your past life is an isle curiosity. So we want to be very careful with the cards when we're using them to determine what some of the pattern for that past life is.


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