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Interpreting tarot cards strongly depends on the type of deck being used, as many decks contain Judaic, European and Christian symbology, which is embedded in many Westerners' psyche. Find out how to interpret various types of tarot decks with helpful information from a professional psychic in this free video on paranormal states.

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Many different decks have different interpretations and as many people as there are there is that many interpretations. I will say that once you develop more psychic intuitions your interpretation will change of each and every card that you see. Every year I grow more, every year I learn more so the interpretations change a bit. Some of the standard deck like the Waite deck are more of an academic deck. It is more of a study deck. It has so many different images in it and it has a classic Judaic European Christian type of symbology and almost all of us Western minded people are very familiar with those symbols so it is very easy for us to deal with that type of symbology. Symbols are everything in our conscious state, everything. Just like the playing cards, pretty regular but we have got these with the little angel interpretations but if you were to just look at those four images spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds there is going to be a resident energy just like when you see a stop sign, just that symbol, you know stop, red light, green light, yellow light so it is very similar in the symbology of the Western, however, in the Native American traditions and decks we are going to have a whole different type of symbology. This particular deck that I'm very fond of, this was put together by a wonderful Native American man and his wife and the images of course are very near and dear to my heart as I have been with many elders and studied some of these medicines. They are more of nature. Some of the symbology are of the different nations. For instance, for instance the sun dance card. A lot of people have seen the images on TV, these natives sacrificing, that's only a little bit of the picture. The Sundance card does mean to sacrifice because in almost all of native tradition the sacrifice is the power so culturally because I am more connected to these cards, these images have symbology that have a lot of understanding for me. Some people who are not native may understand it as well. This is the honor card and you can see in the past they are setting in a session with honor, there is the great chieftain there so this is a symbology to me to always keep my honor. The spiritualist card, this is the older woman who has visions of the spirit. She also has the clothing of some of the ladies from probably in the west. This beautiful deck has images from all four parts of the country so it is very very wonderful. You can actually learn a lot just from this deck about some of the images. As I said the deck is 20 years old so it is a little bit hard to see these days. The harvest what a wonderful one. This means it is not time to plant seed, it is not time to take care it is time to go out and get your harvest. That means it is time to earn the reward of your fruit. Once again native energies put together by Jamie Sams and David Carson. Once again simple images but anyone who follows this more Native American path they connect to the animals and they have a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom, even the dolphins are included as a totem in this particular deck. Speaking of dolphins we are back to this wonderful wonderful deck that has the images of the mermaids. Here we have let yourself receive, allow others to give you loving care, receive without guilt or apologies. It is very hard to receive sometimes a little bit harder than to give. This shows an image of one mermaid sitting by the lovely ocean taking care of the other ones there, so symbolic, very safe, very wonderful. I can't say enough how these images for a person who just wants to develop their subconscious are so intuitive and so nurturing.


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