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Tarot cards are used to analyze a particular question, and they have been used since ancient times using symbolism and imagery to represent various stages of life. Learn about the process of reading tarot cards with helpful information from a professional psychic in this free video on paranormal states.

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Although there are many myths and legends concerning Tarot cards, no one can really speak of exactly where they come from. The belief is that they started in early Egypt, and of course they were carried by the notorious gypsies all over the land because they traveled near and far. They have gone through many evolutions. There are decks that we can see that have been printed in the 1600s. The Italian decks. Mademoiselle LeNormand is a deck, printed in France I believe in the 1920s. I could be wrong on that, I don't remember. But I will say, throughout history, if you'd like to do a research and a study, you can find different cards from the beginning of time. Some people believe that the major 22 cards, the 21 and the Zero card, represented a life path that one would walk through. And that each and every one of these cards that represent these 22 symbols were also in the Egyptian temples that an Initiate would have to pass through and identify what those symbols were. They have been used from everything from parlor games, to, to impressing courts, to impressing kings and queens. There have been card readers from the beginning of time. Everyone knows about the gypsy card reader, as I said because we do, many people do feel that the gypsies are the ones that really carried the playing cards into more fortunetelling experience. We don't know the truth of it. We just know that many people are drawn to them. Some people think it's because of past life, some people think it's because of genetics. I just know that in my own life, by the time I was 21, I was studying Arthur Edward Waite, and the images stuck in my mind and I felt that I actually did go through each of those Tarot cards many times over in my life. I've been the Emperor, I've been the Empress, I've been the Priestess and the Magician, so when we are students of metaphysics and we choose to follow a more spiritual path, it is one way of helping us to evolve and to learn many aspects of ourselves. In psychology, cards are used, very often different decks are used to help tune into what our own emotional needs are, sometimes it's as easy as flipping a switch, just turning a card over.


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