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A tarot reading is a complex process that is personal to each psychic, but making a connection with the person, concentrating on the energy that is emitted and transferring that energy to the cards are all steps to making an accurate reading. Develop a tarot reading process with helpful information from a professional psychic in this free video on paranormal states.

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Video Transcript

People often ask me how I get clients or how they come to me. I really feel that each meeting that I have with a person. Who's seeking information is divinely guided. Even though I work in a wonderful place with so many readers. Each one of us here, the right person gravitates to us. And we facilitate for them. I have many years of experience. So I can sometimes even sense the person. Before they're coming. And some of what they're needs might be. The most important job for a person, when they're facilitating. Is to always, always honor the client first. Understand them emotionally. So that can take a little bit of a connection. I have skill with astrology, crystal stones, so many of these Metaphysical gifts. and, and they speak to me, often times. Before I meet the person, as I said before. When the person does come, I have them sit directly across from me. In a direction that I prefer. Over the years I found, sitting in a certain direction can help you. And in the old Native ways, the teacher would sit in one direction. And the student in another. And I'm sure in many other cultures. So I found my comfort zone with that. And I try to get in those positions. There are polarities going between the person. Opening up psychically, sometimes taking their hand. If they're open to that, being gentle. Sometimes you can get a connection through touch before you even do the reading. I don't look to see if they have wedding rings on. I don't look at their jewelry to see if they're wealthy. I don't look at anything. To see who they are because that's a judgment. And often times, if you're going by that sort of a way to tune in. It's going to fool you every time. So what I do is, look deeply into their eyes. Try and hook up with a very resonant energy with that person. And then I will have them shuffle the cards. The deck I'm currently using is a deck that I've had for over twenty years. I lay out two or three different decks. And see what deck the person will choose. That's just my little secret. Because by the cards they choose, I kind of know what sort of reading they want. This is a more spiritual deck for me. I've had it for many years. It was pout of print and it's back in print. So I have the person shuffle. I'm shuffling here, of course. And then I have them cut into three piles. So I do past, present and future. That's my system. I put the top card and the bottom card together. And fan them out. So that we can see it. And these images help me understand. Now they're pretty worn. But I've been using them for so many years. I, I get the pictures. So this will be a reading and there is someone present in the room. And I think that the reading is for them. This is a person I can tell just from these six cards that are laid out. That there is a possibility of relationship problems in the past. They've been waiting to be in a relationship that's whole for them. They will also be trying to start a new creative endeavor. But they have felt, held captive. The Hermit card is here. Which goes along with the man having the relationship card. And then the Trickster card. So they have to be very careful in their life. This card often times represents sexual energy. And so maybe sometimes that person is looking in a direction. That has to do more with the sexual energy than the emotional or the partnership energy. So I would advice that person to definitely open up their heart. To bring in the right partner. After I establish those six cards. The person has already shown me, if they're receptive. To that or not. And most cases, they are. And so then I go further in the direction. That I feel that they want to have more information on. There's been a mockery in the past for this person. The Mockery card comes up. Which tells me their heart has been wounded. And they don't feel secure with themselves. So I would start right away to ask a person. If they had had some issues in the past. If they had been robbed off adequate feeling themselves. And if they identify that. We know that that's the core. Emotionally, that they have to work with. Don't forget, identifying the core of the situation is much more important. Than the situation. Once we can go back, on like childhood things. So many things. Once we can go back into those roams. We can identify the problem. don't forget, we do make our own destiny to a degree. The cards can tell us so much. But we can also change that destiny by changing that road, we're going down. That's the wonderful thing about life. So we have the lowest card being the final outcome. And ending the old way of being through the Shaymin, medicine. And through getting in touch with that ruination that's been in the heart of hearts. From the past. So we've identified that in the past. Probably childhood, this person has developed a feeling of unworthiness. To become a partner, it would look to me like this person. The best thing they can do, is start working on their own heart. As we said before. Change the old pattern of behavior. And I do see the ultimate result from this reading would be a major transformation. Also a changing of destiny and quite possibly the love of their life coming in.


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