Types of Severe Depression

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Types of severe depression can range from normal depression to major depression disorder, both of which involve helplessness, hopelessness, lack of motivation and lack of energy. See how severe depression can greatly affect someone's well-being with information from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on mental health conditions.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. David Thomas. I'm a practicing psychotherapist in Tampa, Florida with the Whitford Thomas Group. Today I am going to speak to you about the types of severe depression. Interestingly most depression is fairly severe. As far as a label or a diagnosis when we think of severe depression we are thinking about Major Depression and what's the difference between Major Depression and other depression is the symptoms tend to be very similar and depression, the symptoms associated with depression because depression tends to be driven by thought the types of thoughts that drive depression are a sense of hopelessness and some helplessness. The hopelessness are that things are not going to get better and the helplessness is there is not anything I can do about that. So one of the symptoms associated with depression is kind of lack of motivation, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, poor appetite, insomnia, those tend to be the fear, the common symptoms of depression. Now how does that play out in a Major Depression is people who are depressed often times still function. They still go to work, they still interact with friends, they take care of their children, things of that sort. With Major Depression often times people need to be hospitalized. You tend to get a much more higher incident of suicidal ideation. With some folks, even suicide attempts. Often times with a Severe Major Depression people begin to not take care of themselves, begin to isolate a lot more and hibernate if you will, not get out and take care of other obligations, be it social, vocational things of that sort. So severe depression tends to fall in the area of Major Depression which these symptoms tend to be much more elevated and produce more maladaptive behavior and probably the most dangerous component of Major Depression is there tends to be a much higher incident of suicidal ideation. I'm Dr. David Thomas speaking today about severe Major Depression.


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