How to Beat a Reckless Driving Ticket

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Beat a reckless driving ticket by researching the reckless driving laws in the area, hiring a criminal attorney and getting information from the scene of the ticket. Find the names and statements of witnesses to help beat a reckless driving ticket with information from a lawyer in this free video on reckless driving.

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Video Transcript

You've just been charged with reckless driving and you don't really know what your next step is going to be. Hello, I'm Robert Todd, and I'm here to answer the question: How to beat a reckless driving ticket. Well, first of all, you should be advised that reckless driving is treated differently from state to state, and you may want to find out if your state treats reckless driving as a criminal offense. If it does treat reckless driving as a criminal offense, we strongly urge you to hire the services of a criminal attorney because you don't want to be facing jail time or a criminal conviction that is going to go on your permanent record and may jeopardize your employment opportunities in the future. Now, if you do decide to hire a criminal attorney to represent you in this reckless driving charge, you want to be able to help that criminal attorney as much as possible, such as going to the scene where you were provided the reckless driving ticket, taking photographs of the area to see whether there were traffic signs that were obstructed for some reason, whether there was construction in the area. You may want to consider finding out if there were witnesses to your driving for which you got a ticket, getting the names and addresses of the witnesses to help your criminal attorney. I'm Robert Todd, and thank you for watching.


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