Where Is DNA Located in the Human Body?

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In the human body, DNA is located inside the nucleus of almost every cell in the body, whether it be a human body or a pine cone. Locate DNA in the body, and understand its importance with information from a biology teacher in this free video on science.

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Video Transcript

Have you ever heard the term DNA fingerprint? Well it's not like the fingerprints that your fingers actually leave behind that they used to dust for in the old detective movies. A DNA fingerprint is a new version of that. It's basically a map showing all the different types of DNA that actually exist in your body and how your DNA is unique from everybody else's. Hi I'm Janice Crenetti and I'm here to answer the question, where is DNA located in the human body? Well first of all, what is DNA? There's a molecule of it right there. DNA is the genetic material that's inside of us. It's the blueprints or the recipe for building the bodies that we have. DNA of a person makes a person, DNA in a different format makes a chicken, in a different format again it might make a mushroom or an oak tree. It's a pretty complex molecule but it carries with it the blueprint of life. So where would you find this stuff in the human body? Well you find it inside the nucleus of cells. If you were to look at cells, which of course are very, very tiny, microscopic, and look for the nucleus, that would be usually a fairly large organelle that tends to be towards the middle of the cell and if you could look inside the nucleus you would see what looks like a big plate of spaghetti if the cell's not in the process of dividing and that is all your different strands of DNA carrying all the information that's needed to create a new cell whether it's a chicken cell or a person cell or a pine tree cell. Now DNA is just an instruction manual, that's it's only job so it never leaves the nucleus of the cell, it doesn't need to go anywhere else. That's exactly where it's supposed to be. I'm Janice Crenetti and this is where is DNA located in the human body.


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