Improving High School Reading Skills

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High school reading schools can be improved by asking the teacher questions, identifying personal assets as a reader and identifying writing assets. Find out how a variety of reading materials can improve a high school student's reading skills with help from an English specialist and president of a theater group in this free video on reading.

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Video Transcript

I've been asked from time to time how can I help my student or myself in the student's case, improve my high school reading skills. I'm John Conlon and I'm here with some answers to those questions. First ask yourself and your teacher some questions. The first one is am I reading at level and if so terrific, if not how can I get help, how can I get extra help to get to level. The second step is what is my best asset as a reader. Do I have a photographic memory. Can I see things in pictures. Can I really figure out words in context. All of those questions are questions to ask yourself and then to go to your teacher about them. The third question is what is my best asset as a writer. All good writers are good readers. And so if reading is understanding a story, writing is telling a story. If you can understand what you are reading then the chances are of you being able to communicate that as a writer by telling or retelling that story. A next question is how do my skills stack up against those of my classmates. Am I again at level or beyond level, or do I need to catch up a little bit and just do more reading. The fifth question might be what can I do to improve my reading skills. Maybe I need to read a more diverse variety of things, magazines, other text books, reference books in the library. Finally, what books or magazines or other works do you suggest teacher that I read. Here is where a dialog begins between teacher and student. And the teacher can in deed serve as a mentor in reading. By suggesting authors, books, specific titles that might be of interest and might help the reader, the young reader succeed and want to read more. Above all reading is something that is like exercise, the more you do it, the better you get. I'm John Conlon and here are some ideas on improving high school reading skills.


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